We are your best partner for tracking your shipments.

We are your best partner for tracking your shipments.
By using Stracker, you keep control of the information of your high value shipments. Your most important goods deserve the most reliable technology.

By choosing Stracker you choose the up to date tracking

“You send, We localize!”



To ensure you a position anywhere in the world, our devices use GPS and LBS (Location Based Service) technologies.

  • GPS position allows an accuracy of 5 to 10m.
  • LBS position, (in the absence of GPS coverage), ensure to have a position via the GSM network.
  • Partnership with Orange for optimal global network coverage.

Exclusive packaging

Designed and developed specifically for transport and handling, our packaging can be put on all types of parcels or containers, regardless of their size or shape.

  • Synthetic paper highly resistant to shocks and rain.
  • Super strong adhesive to ensure sticker maintaining on the parcel/container during transport.
  • Pre-cut strip to ease the extraction of the tracker for recycling.


An eco-friendly solution

Offer as a single use tracker to allow a very competitive price.
We also thought to set up a recycling system, each tracker returned to us will be reconditioned and will give you a discount on future orders.
A gesture for the environment and a saving.


Preserving the environment


Saving money