Stracker was founded by two dedicated entrepreneurs.

With the goaltomakeour differences a strength, we have combined our respective knowledge to develop a solution to a major logistics problem: tracking. Months of research with professionals in the sector have enabled us to develop an offer perfectly adapted to their needs, by integrating the specificities of air transport.

With the financial support of Capival’s investors, we were able to launch the development of our geolocation solution.

From the very beginning of this adventure, we were able to count on the support of Orange to offer us the best existing solution in terms of GSM network coverage for global tracking.

Thanks to the help of major international companies in the air transport sector, such as Prodex and Sodexi, we were able to perfect our solution to obtain the best possible service.

These partners helped us to develop a product in compliance with IATA standards (International Air Transport Association), allowing us to submit our device for approval by major airlines.

Such support let us focus on our goal with confidence:
Offer the most advanced parcel tracking solution for logistics professionals.